Home owners find our Home Maintenance Programs attractive for many reasons.
. Conformance to Association regulations
. Save Money
. Save Time
. Avoid Costly Repairs by Regular Scheduled Maintenance
. Keep your house looking and working great.
Home Maintenance Programs

Unlike appliance contracts, we concentrate on service items that you have to do on a regular basis anyway. Appliance contracts are great if and when the appliance goes bad. In the mean while you pay for the contract year after year even if nothing breaks. Still, all in all it's good insurance to have.

But what about all those items that have to be done on a regular basis that you are going to spend time and money on regardless. Such as Pressure Cleaning, A/C filter changes, Smoke Detector Battery changes, Cleaning and Lubricating your Shutters, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Exterior Window Washing, Brick Paver Sealer- Just to name a few. You would be surprised at just how many items there are and how much it costs if you paid for them separately. Wouldn't it be nice to save time & money on these items and never have to worry about them getting done any more? Wouldn't it be nice to never get a violation letter from your Homeowners Association due to lack of maintenance items?
And There is a Bonus!!!
Our Maintenance Program Members are entitled to substantial discounts on not only products and services we provide, such as exterior painting for example, but they also receive discounts from our associate venders as well. Vendors like Stanley SteemerAdams Air Conditioning"All R's Pest Control" just to name a few. There are plumbers, electricians, auto detailers, A/C contractors, landscapers and many more. In fact we have a list of contractors waiting to be approved for the program. You get contractor prices on items that you will eventually need. 

We can create a program just right for your needs and budget. Give us a call to find out more.

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